ADRIA International Inc. warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.  This warranty is made by ADRIA International Inc. to the original purchaser acquiring the product directly from Adria International Inc. or from one of its dealers for a period of 18 months from the date of Invoice.  The purchasers remedy pursuant to this warranty is limited to repair or replacement, which is made solely at ADRIA International Inc’s discretion.  The warranty does not apply to damage resulted from misuse, abuse, negligence or accident.  This warranty shall not apply to any product which must be replaced or which have been modified or altered by someone other than ADRIA International Inc. Textiles are not warranted against fading, wearing, or any damage caused by the customer or others.

Due to their inherent nature ADRIA International Inc. assumes no responsibility for minor variations or irregularities in: color, grains, or textures for items containing wood or leather.

MAINTENANCE: Inspection and maintenance of furniture should be performed at regular intervals, check and tighten all screws every three months or whenever loose.  Examine glue joints, corner blocks, welds, and other points of stress.  If product becomes unstable remove from service immediately.  The life of seating products is not pre-determinable but is influenced by degree of use and maintenance.  Multiple failures occurring after a period of years may indicate that seating has exceeded its safe, useful life and should be replaced to prevent injury.

ACCOMMODATING EXCEPTIONAL PATRONS: Some seating styles may not safely accommodate person of exceptional size, stature, or certain physical restriction.  When smaller scale seating is specified, ADRIA International inc. recommends that a portion of the units required be selected from styles that can accommodate patron’s physical requirements.

AGENTS AUTHORITY: The buyer understands and agrees that no agent, employee or representative of ADRIA International Inc. has authority to bind ADRIA International Inc. to any affirmation, agreement, representation or warranty concerning the goods purchased from ADRIA International Inc.  The buyer further understands and agrees that affirmation of fact, promise, or representation made by an agent, employee, or representative of ADRIA International Inc. shall not constitute a warranty or agreement unless specially approved in writing by an authorized officer of the company.